• Why ear acupuncture?

    New applications, ancient techniques

    The ear holds a map of the entire body

    A similar brain-mapping is well known to physicians 

    The ear holds a microsystem, or map, of the entire body. Auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture, utilizes this established microsystem to diagnose and treat a multitude of illnesses. In experienced hands, tiny needles or semi-permanent beads are placed in specific points to achieve predictable results. Save, virtually pain-free and effective, auriculotherapy is the cornerstone of 5PP.

    5PP is ear acupuncture for relief

    Cravings, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, addiction

    Community acupuncture means that your treatment is given in the setting of a group of patients where all can benefit from the phenomenon known as 'group chi'. As the treatment works, the entire group benefits from the relaxation of those around them. It is a quiet, barrier free setting where the needles do the work and nothing more. There are no expectations and you are in control to determine how much of the treatment you choose.  We advocate this treatment to be performed only by trained specialists.

    Research proven, utilized worldwide

    Read for yourself, then decide if it is for you

    Yale School of Medicine utilizes the protocol, as do many other renowned locations such as the US Air Force. Drug courts often mandate this treatment. Click here for more articles on 5PP

  • 5PP- the five point protocol based on the NADA model

    NADA [National Acupuncture Detoxification Association]

    advocates this no-nonsense, non-verbal, pharmaceutical free, and barrier-free approach for the road to recovery

  • Auricular Acupuncture 

    in Action

    Different applications, same treatment worldwide, consistently and effectively

    An example 5PP treatment

    Typically most effective in the group setting, this is a close-up of what you might expect in your treatment.

    5PP for stress relief

    After disasters including 9/11 and Katrina, this protocol was successfully used for firefighters

    Around the world it has been effective in such settings as post-Pakistan earthquake and at the Burmese refugee camp.

    5PP for Veterans

    Many of our locations will provide free treatments for veterans...stay tuned

    The details on 5PP

    A nice video explaining a brief background into why ear acupuncture, and specifically 5PP/NADA works

    Ear acupuncture in the news

    5PP in the news

    Martika uses 5PP during meditation and yoga

    As an Acudetox Specialist, Martika uses 5PP to help herself and patients.

    NADA Int'l Conference 2015

    Sara Bursac speaks at the Norway NADA Int'l Conference in 2015

    Psychiatrist and past NADA President speaks on NADA

    Dr Kenneth Carter speaks at the Int'l Conference about his use of 5PP/NADA for relapse prevention.

    NADA India uses 5PP in jail

    At the Sabarmati jail in India,NADA was enlisted to teach personnel how to use 5PP to prevent recidivism amongst prisoners.