• What is Project 5PP?

    Project 5PP [five point protocol] is a collaborative effort to promote community awareness and use of the NADA method . This community model utilizes ear point placed by 5PP specialists to provide relief in humanitarian disasters, and for those suffering from PTSD, cravings, addictions, insomnia and anxiety just to name a few. We serve the Veteran population, refugees, inmates, rehab patients, those in shelters and any other group of persons in need of the many benefits of the 5 point protocol.


    Project 5PP is new, but our techniques are ancient and proven.

  • Beautifully simple, dramatically effective

    Ear acupuncture for emotional trauma healing

    Ears are for more than listening

    Whether you have post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], insomnia, anxiety, disaster or suffer from addictions [cigarettes, drugs], 5PP can help. This video demonstrates the virtually pain-free technique.



    "I was skeptical at first but everyone I talked to said (acupuncture) helped. I became a believer." --Former Attorney General Janet Reno, who oversaw the First NADA Acupuncture “Metro Dade” Drug Court program in Miami


    [credit to NADA publication 'A Pioneer and Partner for Drug Court Programs Since The First Drug Courts in 1989']

  • 5PP = NADA

    We always strive for the best.

    The Five Point Protocol is the same as the NADA protocol.

    National Acupuncture Detoxification Association [NADA] is the amazing organization that was created out of Dr Michael Smith's brilliant work at the Lincoln Recovery Center in the 1970s. NADA promotes the use of acupuncture for recovery and provides education, training and resources to its members worldwide. Please visit their website below for more information.



  • Project 5PP reaches out

    We are new, but 5PP is not! Here's what we are up to.....

    Free Veteran Clinics NOW STARTING

    Relief for Haywood County, NC

    Please click here to go to our Healing Invisible Wounds clinic information pages to learn of dates, location and general information. We hope to see you there...space limited, first come first serve! Free for Veterans who get first priority, also free for Active Duty Military if space allows. Military family is also welcome and treated at a 75% discount [$10 each].


    We look forward to helping you in a very small way that can never repay our debt for your service.


    LOCATION: http://waynesvillewellness.com/

    Waynesville Wellness :
    Acupuncture & Massage
    1384 Sulphur Springs Rd
    Waynesville, NC 28786

    Chaos in Chios

    The Syrian refugee crisis and camps

    With our sponsoring nonprofit, AiMIN, Project 5PP will travel to Lesvos and Chios, Greece to help treat refugees. The Five Point Protocol is perfectly suited and developed for humanitarian crises such as this tragic current event. With your generous support and donations from wonderful organizations such as Lhasa Oms, we will provide the 5PP protocol to crisis volunteers and patients alike.

    Project 5PP Honors our Active Duty Military

    Special benefits for active military and Veterans

    Project 5PP values the health of our military for all that they and their families have sacrificed for our great nation. In tribute, our champion nonprofit, AiMIN, is taking donations for care packages hand picked and made for the 1st Battallion Army Rangers. Donate below to this on-going project or contact us at 5PP4relief@gmail.com for more ways to help.



    * Winter Surprise 2015 filled with individual packets of goodies and sundries for 12

    * Easter Box 2016 filled with candy and toy surprises for 15

    * PreDeployment 2016 care packages filled with sundries and supplies needed as we pray for our brave heroes.


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  • Help us bring MORE Relief

    Your tax-deductible donation to our sponsor organization, AiMIN, will be applied towards 5PP. AiMIN [Aid for Medically Indigent] is a 501c3 registered public charity providing crisis care to those most in need. They proudly support Project 5PP as part of their outreach. Donate for Project 5PP or contact us at 5PP4relief@gmail.com if you would like your generosity to be shared with a different project, like Recognizing Rangers. Thank you and God Bless.

  • 100% of our shop proceeds benefits those in need

    Your purchases help us provide the 5PP to Vets, in humanitarian relief efforts around the world as well as to those at home in need.



    By visiting change.org and signing out petition, you can help bring this much needed service to more people. In 19 US states, this service can be offered by well-trained and supervised 5PP specialists such counsellors, social workers, detention officers, shelter workers, nurses, PAs and EMTs. However, in North Carolina and other states, maybe even yours, this can only be provided by MDs or Licensed Acupuncturists. Let's help to bring these states up to the standard so that this simple, effective, inexpensive and low risk service is widely available in your area.


    Just one click leads to many more until change happens.


    CLICK HERE FOR CHANGE! or scroll down to the bottom of page for a snippet of the survey and link

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