• Healing

    Invisible Wounds

    Free acupuncture clinics

    for Haywood County Veterans

    and Active Duty Military

    [Family welcome at 75% discount = $10]


  • Upcoming clinic schedule

    We look forward to seeing and hope you find relief, finally.

  • Location

    Behind Maggie's Galley in Waynesville, NC

    Going out of town or looking for similar clinics in other places? Check out http://veteransproject.net/findaclinic or perform a google search in your area looking for 'community acupuncture' or 'Veteran acupuncture clinic'. Most charge a small fee, ours is free as long as our generous donors keep contributing! Bless you and them!

  • What our Veterans are saying

    with their foto permission

    'I have my appetite back'

    B was our very first patient

    B is an honored Veteran who had lost his appetite and was having angry outbursts. After the first clinic he went home 'and ate a plate of nachos and I haven't stopped since!'. His wife tells us he is much slower to anger, has fewer flashbacks and is more calm, with less irritability.

    'Give those ladys a hug for me'

    A wife is grateful for her husband's improvement

    G is a wounded warrior who has come to almost every clinic. Not knowing anything about acupuncture, he gave it a try. G noted a dramatic improvement with less irritability, better sleep and overall happier outlook. His wife was so tickled with his relief that she asked him to give us hugs and later came to a clinic herself!

    'You made my day'

    E had 3 treatments and symptoms disappeared

    E texted me one day that he was glad he persevered. After his 3rd 5PP treatment, he woke up for the first time without any panic symptoms, chest pains and was able to go through the day 'with my head on straight'. Bravo E!


    Wow our survey comments are great...

    RELAXING! Less anxiety, flashbacks, insomnia, anger to name a few!

  • Clinic Happenings

    Our clinic policy and documents

    First things First!

    We minimize rules to allow you to be in control. For individual and group safety, we do have some guidelines.

    1- Please bring documentation that demonstrates active duty, honorable or other-than-honorable discharge. Veterans and active duty military will have first priority. Space available we are happy to treat family members that join you, for a 75% reduced rate of $10 each.


    2- First come first serve, space limited


    3- This can be a very powerful experience so please eat before you arrive.


    4- As we are concerned for everyone's safety and strive to create a peaceful environment, anyone who appears to be affected by medications, alcohol or drugs will be invited to return at the next clinic when their symptoms are not severe.


    5- If you have severe symptoms and thoughts of hurting yourself or others, please call 911 immediately.

    Step 1- Introduction

    You will be greated by Dr Linda Sparks who will check your military ID and get you registered with your valued-patient number.

    Step 2- Consent and Prep

    Then you will proceed to read and sign the consent, ask any questions and prep your ears at the prep station!

    Step 3- Treatment...What to expect

    Some tips on the experience

    * After registering and signing consent you will be seated in a group who may have already have started the 5PP.

    * Many people do not feel the needles being inserted, others may feel a very brief sting

    * Once placed, the points may feel warm or tingling..THIS IS GOOD!

    * It is common to feel sleepy or fall asleep

    * It is equally common to feel nothing, but the NEEDLES ARE WORKING!

    * Over the next couple days you should notice improved symptoms, but are welcome to return for more treatments to increase the benefit.

    * As your energy channels are cleared and unblocked, you may feel excessive 'energy' in the form of insomnia or mild headache for the first day. This is also good as it tells us blocked channels are opening. Further treatments will like be even more helpful and better tolerated

    * If you desire, after your points are removed, you may have a non-penetrating adhesive ear seed placed behind the ear that serves as an acupressure point which you may gently massage several times a day to continue the effect of your treatment.

    Step 4- Survey

    Please help us deliver the best care we can by completing the survey. We are all ears!

    SleepMix Tea

    To prolong the relaxing benefits after the clinic


    Project5PP supports the use of Nutracontrol's SleepMix Tea by offering it free to our Veterans and active duty military. It was "formulated in the early 1970s especially for use in conjunction with the Five Point Protocol [aka NADA protocol] and may help;

    • treat sleep disorders
    • as an integral part of drug & alcohol detox programs
    • people in high stress environments
    • hyperactive children and adults
    • chronic anxiety
    • chronic pain
    • daily stress and anxiety.

    Sleepmix can be taken during the day for stress relief and one or two cups at bedtime for better quality sleep. Sleepmix is a pleasant-tasting herb tea, and can be used on a continual basis. It does not contain caffeine.

    *Sleepmix has not been approved by the FDA, and Nutracontrol makes no claims as to the efficacy of its product. All content presented on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this or any other supplement or herbal product." courtesy https://nutracontrol.wordpress.com/

  • Sponsor a Veteran,

    Earn a tax deduction

    Each treatment costs $40, however our Veterans receive them free. Your generous support help keep this much-needed service available to those who served us honorably.

  • Our generous partners

    Without these players, the clinics would not exist. 

    We are so grateful. 

    Click on their logo for more information.


    Our parent organization, a 501c3 not for profit public charity

    Dr Lisa Flora is a local Emergency Room Physician, Medical Acupuncturist and founder of AiMIN. Visit our website for other projects at AidForMedicallyIndigent.com.

    Blue Ridge Natural Health

    Waynesville based natural healing

    Dr Linda Sparks, is a naturopathic physician, humanitarian and future acupuncturist! Learn about her skills at Blue RIdge Natural Health.

    Waynesville Wellness

    Waynesville Acupuncture and Massage

    Waynesville Wellness is our generous donor of space, without which this service would not be possible.

    Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Waynesville Auxilliary Post 5202

    We are grateful for the Waynesville VFW Auxilliary for providing nourishment for our clinic participants!

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